1st Tutorial How To Make Fanfict Poster without Photoshop

Hello Guys. It’s my first time to make a tutorial. I think it’s not perfect at all. But, I hope my tutorial can help you ^^. Let’s work!!

1st tutorial how to make fanfict poster

  1. Just click the pixlr , pixlr.com is online editor so we must not download the photoshop
  2. You’ll find dialog comment like the picture :                                                                    tutorial how to make fanfict poster1
  3. Click create new image.
  4. Picture size is : 700 on width and 900 on height , click transparent.
  5. And then, click OK.
  6. Click File —› Open image (warning : click resistant the Ctrl button to choose more than one photo) 
    tutorial how to make fanfict poster2
  7. Click the marque tool to move the photo to untitled document (parts that are colored red is the marque tool) .                         
  8. Like this : tutorial
  9. Drag photo to untitled, like this : tutorial 2
  10. Doing same to another photo.
  11. Moved to untitled. Maximize the layer. Take eraser tool (you can change diameter of the eraser, take the second from the top erasers), erase part that are not needed. Like this :                                                           222
  12. Click the paint bucket tool. Choose the color up to you. I’ll use cream color . Click layer 0. And use the paint bucket tool. Like this : untitled1
  13. Open file again, open photo again. Do same thing like previous.
  14. Tara! This is the fanfiction poster ! you're not alone

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